Hello, I'm Chris

I'm so glad you're here! It's a real honour that you're considering me to capture your wedding day and I cannot wait to hear your story. Until then though, let me share mine (so far) with you, enjoy a few films and if you think I'm the guy for you both — get in touch!


The Beginning

My story begins about four years before I was born. My dad was a strapping Submariner in the Navy travelling across the world, and my mother was a beautiful, caring nurse living in Barnett and working at Stanmore hospital. Unfortunately,  this wasn't to be a fairytale, shore leave style meeting you might have seen in a movie once. My dad had a bit of an accident which meant they would cross paths, instead, in the spinal injuries unit with my dad as a patient. They got on like a house on fire, and before you'd know it would start their life together — along I came in 1994.

I grew up in Milton Keynes, and all the while enjoyed the great parks and lakes it had to offer. If it’s not too cliche to say this place and my tender early age is when my passion for all-things-that-look-great started. My mum had a bit of a creative do-it-yourself flair (her scrapbooks are well known and loved in the family) and it most certainly rubbed off on me; as a fairly direct result, I adore the little handmade things I see at so many weddings. At around the age of 5, I shot my first short film. It was an action epic based around two power rangers figures. It got pretty good reviews although I think the critics (my parents) might have been biased.

baby chris and a duck

The Middle

I enjoyed not enjoying school and got great at being a bit of a fly on the wall (which still influences my filming style now). Making more short films with friends, we passed into and through to the heights of University. As an alumnus of Liverpool and Leicester, I photographed and filmed a whole load, and got inspired even more. 

At about this time I met the beans to my toast, Ellie Merridale. She’s a fantasticly supportive person, and is one of the reasons that I now create lovely little films for fantastic couples; she’s also a great photographer.

This is  Ellie . She's fantastic.

This is Ellie. She's fantastic.


The End
(or, today at least)

In an extraordinarily brief nutshell, that’s me. I love to make cinematic wedding films where I can reflect the couples themselves. Weddings are one of the best days of a couples life together, and to create a memento for that is a sincere and genuine honour.

Even if it’s just to find out if the outcome of my Power Ranger based short film, get in touch and we can share some stories.


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